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Spousal Maintenance Law Changed

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Spousal Maintenance Law Changed The Texas Legislature and Governor Perry recently enacted several changes to the Texas Family Code. One of these changes, profiled recently in the news, is how much spousal maintenance can be awarded in a divorce. The information below will help clarify the new laws, and is intended for informational purposes only. Big change – Who is eligible to receive spousal maintenance? A spouse seeking maintenance must lack sufficient property, [...]

Mistaken Paternity

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Mistaken Paternity in Texas In cases involving mistaken paternity, Texas law now provides provisions regarding the duty to pay child support and termination of the parent-child relationship. A child support order terminates on the issuance of an order terminating the parent-child relationship between the obligor and the child based on the results of genetic testing that exclude the obligor as the child’s genetic father. However, a final order does not affect an obligor’s [...]

New Disclosure Requirement In All Cases Involving Children

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Why is this written in my orders now?  Is this really necessary?” Texas Family Lawyers are hearing this more and more, especially as new laws went into effect last September.  Texas Family Code section 153.076 was amended to expand certain disclosures and information that parents must provide to each other. Why?  The short answer:  Yes, it is necessary because the Texas Family Code requires it to be in there. Beginning September 1, 2015, [...]

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